A letter from our co-founders

Our missions is to provide workers in the industry the best possible working experience and opportunities where they are able to work freely, on their own terms and on any venue and city of their choice. 

While providing Venues the best services and platform so that they can thrive, be successful and are able to provide the best service to their customers.

For Workers

This is for the traveller, the adventurer, the student, the free spirit, the hard worker, the stable and the dreamer. Our goal is to create a platform where workers are truly  free to work in their own terms, have a perfect life/work balance and have the best experience while doing it. To make this vision true we realized we had to create an ecosystem that removes all barriers that prevent a worker from working anywhere and anytime. We do this by ensuring that all workers in our platform are equally capable of performing the same job, at the same quality regardless of training and experience, in every single venue. This will in turn allow them to work at multiple venues, decide if they want to be full-time, part-time and not have this affect the venues operations.

For Venues

Todays Venues face more challenges than ever before. Being in one of the most competitive industries, it is essential that they have the right tools at their disposal to ensure their business success, economic impact and job creation for society. Our obsession is with removing all barriers that prevent a venue from reaching it’s peak potential, wether that’s through hiring practices, payment processing and everyday management. We aim to create the right tools to tackle every issue at virtually no price so that venues can focus on providing the best experience to their customers and keep impacting and shaping their cities cultural and economic developement.

At Liveworks we believe that if your venue is creating jobs for someone, impacting a cities cultural and economic development then you should be able to run and manage your business for less than a Netflix Subscription as you are an important contributor to society through the jobs you create. That is why we aim to create the platform that makes this the number one priority.

Challenges Facing Venues Today

You’d think that with this ages technological advancement and innovation in technology it would be easier than ever to run a business and thrive. The reality is that yes in some ways it is for a high price and No in some ways venues are still doing some things how they’ve always done them because certain areas have lacked innovation. However one of the biggest challenges venues face today is the management and related costs to running these technologies that help improve their venues performance. Demonstrated below we can see how each company specializes in one specific aspect of running a venue and has built a service that targets that area. From scheduling to payment processing, security, patron scanning, event organization, ticketing, inventory management and ordering. Although in it’s own right each service addresses that area and does improve on it, we can see the burden being put on the business from managing each single platform individually from things like separate dashboards for each service to hardware upkeep and each company having a different way of doing things and business practices. We can clearly see the immense added cost that it takes to operate a venue and deal with so many different components.

We have chosen one company from each area and added up costs of running all services necessary to run a venue.

Jose Portillo

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Eli Diamond

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Munib Rahman

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer