in the Liveworks app go to your profile page:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Business name

Make your changes here

  • Venue Name: What the workers will see you as in the Liveworks Platform
  • Legal Business Name: What Liveworks uses for your professional records, reports and payment transactions.

Liveworks will contact your Business Representative to verify all your information is correct upon sign up and will also contact this Business Representative if any issues arise with your account.

To reset your password go to the app under “forgot password?” you will be asked to enter the email you used to sign up. If you have forgotten the email you used, Contact us directly with your full name and phone number and Photo of ID and we’ll try to locate your account and follow up with you. 

Your account may have been deactivated due to a breach in our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, account inactivity or if your business is no longer active or does not qualify as Business in the Liveworks platform. If your account was deactivated you will have received an email explaining the account deactivation. If you believe your account has been wrongfully deactivated please contact us directly.

If your account was deactivated and the issue has been solved. Simply use your old log in information to access and keep using your Liveworks account. 

Paying Workers

Liveworks allows you to pay your workers for worked shifts through the app. It needs a payment method to facilitate this process.

We recommend that you add a payment method to your account before getting workers to work your shifts.

Canada: If you do not a credit card a debit Visa/Mastercard card should still work.

USA: If you do not have a credit card you can always add your business bank account as a payment method.

To add your payment method go to the Liveworks app and in your profile go to

  1. Settings
  2. Payment information
  3. Add payment method

and add your credit card or scan it.

To pay workers go to the Liveworks app and in your profile go to

  1. View Payment Activity or press “pay” button
  2. Under “pending” select worker you want to pay
  3. View all the shifts that worker has worked and details of it and proceed to pay balance
  4. Select your payment method and pay the balance

Pending payments are the payments you are required to pay the workers for the shifts they have worked.

After you have successfully paid a worker through the app the balance for their paid shifts will appear under the completed payments page for your records.

You as business can set your own hourly rates. However you will need to get consent and get workers to agree on your set hourly wage before they work your shifts. 

Pending payments amounts are added based on your set hourly wage for that shift and the exact time you clock in and clock out the worker and if any break time is added.

Your shift may have an advertised time of 5:00PM – 10:00PM however if you clock-in and clock-out your worker at 5:05PM to 10:10PM those are the exact times that the amount will be added for, minus any added break time.

Technical App Issues

If you are having issues with your device or app. Try these troubleshooting tricks:

  • Try force-closing the app and reopening.
  • Make sure you have the latest version downloaded. Sometimes deleting and reinstalling the app will resolve the issue.
  • Check your signal strength. If the signal is weak, your device can’t send or receive necessary data.
  • Try to keep your device battery charge above 25% for best performance.
  • Make sure there’s enough storage space in your device.
  • Check that your phone’s operating system is updated to the most current version.
  • Reboot your device.

You can also report any technical issues through our contact form or Direct Chat Line.

If your app has crashed please notify us immediately and provide a brief explanation of what happened and we will try to address the issue as quickly as possible.

Business Support

Download the Liveworks here and sign up as a worker. Make sure you have all your required information to create your account.

To create your Liveworks account you will need:

  1. Be a legitimate business and qualify to one of our venue categories
  2. Add a business representative

Once Liveworks has verified your information, your account will be approved.

To qualify as business able to join the Liveworks platform you must be a venue that prohibits alcoholic beverages and admission to minors, and is typically open past 11:00PM 


  • Bars/Pubs
  • Nightclubs
  • Lounges

When your account has been verified by a Liveworks team member we will notify you by email and you can log in and begin using the platform.

On the Liveworks app home page go to:

  1. Add Day
  2. Choose day you want to create
  3. Add shifts for the positions you require. (Make sure you have all the correct times and required positions) 

After this your day will be created and workers can start seeing your available shifts. Workers can apply for shifts or you can invite them.

To Accept a Worker

  1. Worker application will appear in the notifications page with the details of the shift.
  2. You decide if you want to accept or decline this worker
  3. If you accept, this does not mean that the worker is now in your schedule. First The worker will receive a notification and they’ll have to confirm that they’ll be working this shift 100%. Once the worker confirms it then they’ll appear in your week schedule.

To Invite a Worker

  1. Go to the Search page and choose a worker from your Full-time workers or any worker in your city.
  2. Click “invite” button and choose the day and shift you want to invite the worker to.
  3. The worker will receive a notification and will have to confirm that they will 100% be working that shift. Once the worker confirms the shift they will appear in your week schedule.

This may seem like more work than usual but in the end it will save you more time knowing that each worker that has confirmed as made a 100% commitment to you to work that shift and reduce shift swaps, cancellations and no shows.

Workers have up to 24 hours to cancel a shift. When a worker cancels a shift, Liveworks will automatically send notifications to all workers in your staff and city so that they can quickly pick up that shift.

That shift will become open again and other workers can apply to it or you can invite them to it.

If a worker misses a shift, Liveworks will be notified and we will contact this worker and find out what has happened. Account termination and financial penalties may apply to workers who miss shifts without explanation.

Forgetting to clock-in and clock-out your workers from the app may affect the pending payments you owe to your workers and the reports Liveworks will provide to you through your business portal. These reports may be inaccurate or have missing information if this happens. We recommend you take huge care of this and always clock-in and clock-out your workers. 

If you forget to clock-in and clock-out your workers you can contact us, provide us the times and rate for the shift and we can manually create a charge that you can pay to your worker.