Labour marketplace for the hospitality industry

A new workforce solution that allows your venue to reduce labour costs and increase your profit margins.


Liveworks is a labour marketplace for the hospitality industry where workers and venues can freely connect with each other to schedule and work shifts. Our unified platform and simple scheduling solution allows venues to integrate with their full-time staff while still having access to a local pool of talented workers. 

We understand the competitive landscape and our approach increases profits margins for your venue and reduces the high turnover rate in the industry giving your venue a competitive advantage.

For venues

Easy and effective scheduling solution for your workers:

  • Bring your workers to the app.
  • Add them as full-time workers.
  • Create your shifts in a matter of minutes and schedule workers.
  • Invite any worker in your city to work shifts.
  • Securely pay them through the app.

For workers

Convenient and easy way to obtain and work shifts:

  • View and apply to the shifts you want.
  • Confirm and work the shifts that best fit your schedule.
  • Get paid and securely deposit your funds directly from the app.

Liveworks is specially designed for the Hospitality industry. If you’re a Bar, Nightclub or Restaurant Request Early access to Liveworks today!

Liveworks is currently Beta testing in Calgary, Canada.

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